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Zodiac TRi-XO Crossover Compact Chlorinator

Zodiac TRi-XO Crossover Compact Chlorinator



TRi-XO is a new generation chlorinator from Zodiac that allows the user to 'CrossOver' between normal pool salt (sodium chloride) to mineral blended salts. Simply select the type of salt you will be using - ‘(standard) salt’ or ‘mineral (salt)’ in the start-up menu, and the chlorinator takes care of the rest. The TRi-XO was designed in Australia to tackle our harsh climate while providing great reliability year after year. It's packed with features to make pool maintenance easier and more affordable.

Features & benefits

  • A simple to use control interface makes setting up a breeze, includes built in timers and help menu
  • Long life Reverse Polarity electrode plates for increase cell life and decreased maintenance
  • Boost mode to handle the really hot days or when you need a little extra for a pool party
  • Low/Spa Mode makes it ideal for pool/spa combo pools and if you’re using a blanket
  • 40 and 50mm plumbing ports make it suitable for new or retrofit applications


  • Maximum pool size - 40,000L (Capacity based in a mild climate. Alter for cooler/warmer climate)
  • Plumbing capacity - 40mm and 50mm
  • Min-Max Salinity - 4000ppm to 10,000ppm
  • Auto output select - Yes (Super and Low)

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