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Zodiac eXO iQ Mid Chlorinator

Zodiac eXO iQ Mid Chlorinator



The next generation of premium chlorinators is here - Zodiac eXO iQ Series. Packed with a range of fantastic new features with upgrades available for ORP and pH management, the all-new eXO® iQ has all the features of the eXO® with the option of connecting to our popular iAquaLink system for increased convenience and control.

Features & benefits

  • Remote Control: Easily monitor and adjust settings from anywhere with iAquaLink compatibility.
  • Smart Temperature Regulation: Automatically adjusts output in cold water to extend cell lifespan and save on maintenance costs.
  • Energy-Efficient Pump Control: Precisely manage pump speed for reduced energy usage, compatible with RS485 enabled pumps.
  • Durable Cell Design: Upgraded plates with automatic cleaning ensure a long cell life and consistent chlorine production.
  • Lighting Control: Manage pool lights directly from the chlorinator or via smartphone with iAquaLink (requires relay box).
  • Salt/Mineral Compatibility: Choose between regular pool salt or mineral salts to maintain healthy, sanitized water.
  • Pool Cover Integration: Connect an automatic pool cover for hassle-free output adjustment to desired levels.
  • Cell protection: Temperature sensor controls chlorine output in cold water conditions assiting to protect cell against excessive wear and tear.


  • Cell Output - 25 gram/hour
  • Recommended Operating Salinity - 3300ppm to 4000ppm
  • Recommended pool size in mild climate - 75,000L

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