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Scum Bug - Pool and Spa Waterline Degreaser

Scum Bug - Pool and Spa Waterline Degreaser

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Insert your Scum Bug into the skimmer, and observe as it absorbs all the slime and grime present on the surface of your pool or spa. This innovative solution from Aussie Gold effectively minimizes scum lines caused by sunscreen and general debris. Additionally, it helps decrease the frequency of filter cleaning, as the Scum Bug absorbs grime before it reaches the filter.

Features and Benefits

  • Devours scum and slime effortlessly
  • Provides a 300% larger surface area for superior effectiveness
  • Easy to use - simply place it in the skimmer
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • Intercepts scum before reaching the filter
  • Long-lasting, covering an entire swimming season
  • Reusable after a simple cleaning process
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