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Pool Pro - Multi Stain Remover 1KG

Pool Pro - Multi Stain Remover 1KG

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Experience the power of Pool Pro's Multi Stain Remover 1KG, a highly reactive destaining compound that revitalizes your pool surfaces by reducing and removing a variety of stains, including organic stains, rust marks, and general oxidation stains. This versatile product is your key to restoring the pristine appearance of all pool surfaces.

Features & benefits

  • High Reactivity: The highly reactive nature of this stain remover ensures that it acts swiftly and effectively on a wide range of stains.
  • Organic Stain Reduction: Say goodbye to stubborn organic stains that can mar the beauty of your pool.
  • Rust Mark Removal: Rid your pool surfaces of unsightly rust marks, restoring their original appeal.
  • General Oxidation Stain Eradication: Combat oxidation stains with ease, leaving your pool looking fresh and clean.
  • All-Pool Surface Compatibility: Pool Pro's Multi Stain Remover is suitable for use on all types of pool surfaces, making it a versatile solution for pool owners.

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