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Pool Pro - Metal Minus 1L

Pool Pro - Metal Minus 1L

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Keep your pool and spa water pure and free from dissolved metals and unwanted particles with Pool Pro Metal Minus, the go-to choice for maintaining the beauty of your pool. Experience the beauty of crystal-clear, metal-free water with Pool Pro Metal Minus. Choose it as your trusted companion for a sparkling pool and spa, free from unwanted impurities and safeguarded against stains and scale.

Features & benefits

  • Metal and Matter Removal - Metal Minus is specially formulated to assist in the removal of dissolved metals and other suspended substances in your pool and spa water.
  • Stain and Scale Prevention - Beyond purification, Metal Minus acts as a guardian against metal stains and scale formation in your pool.
  • Perfect for New Pools - If you have a new pool, Metal Minus is your partner in preventing metal-related issues from the start, preserving the pool's beauty for years to come.

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