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Pool Pro - Copper Free Algaecide 1L

Pool Pro - Copper Free Algaecide 1L

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Keep your pool water crystal clear and algae-free with our Pool Pro Copper Free Algaecide. This high-quality algaecide is powered by Polyquat, offering robust algae-fighting performance while boasting some key advantages.

Features & benefits

  • Say goodbye to copper and benzalkonium chloride. This algaecide is specially formulated to be free from these common additives, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pool and its users.
  • Designed to work effectively with all types of pools. Whether you have a traditional chlorine pool or an ionised pool system, you can trust Pool Pro's Copper Free Algaecide to help you maintain a pristine swimming environment.
  • Ideal for all pool types & ionised pools.

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