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Pool Pro - Black Spot Algaecide 1L (contains copper)

Pool Pro - Black Spot Algaecide 1L (contains copper)

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Tired of dealing with persistent black spot algae or stubborn green algae in your swimming pool? Look no further than Pool Pro's Black Spot Algaecide 1L, a powerful copper-based formula designed to tackle these algae woes head-on. Don't let black spot algae or green algae ruin your pool experience. Trust Pool Pro's Black Spot Algaecide 1L to keep your pool water clear, inviting, and algae-free.

Features & benefits

  • This algaecide is specially formulated to take control of black spot algae, providing a reliable solution to this often challenging issue. Say goodbye to those unsightly black spots and enjoy a clearer, more inviting pool.
  • Not only does this Black Spot Algaecide excel at combating black spot algae, but it's also active against more common green algae strains. Keep your pool water pristine and free from green algae infestations.
  • This algaecide contains copper, a trusted element in pool maintenance, to ensure your pool stays clean and algae-free.

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