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Pentair Great White 2 Pool Cleaner

Pentair Great White 2 Pool Cleaner



The new Great White II Suction-Side Inground Pool Cleaner is the solution to getting your pool sparkling clean. Just attach the hose, and its unique BristleDriveTM Technology goes to work scrubbing tough dirt from pool surfaces. Both small and large debris disappear into the oversized vacuum inlet for a complete and uninterrupted cleaning.

Features & benefits

  • Uninterrupted Cleaning - Oscillator powers the SmartTracTM Programmed Steering
  • Cleans Faster - 38cm wide bristle scrubbers cover more of your pool in a single pass
  • Fast, Easy Attachment - A simple hose connection, and Great White II is ready to go
  • Debris can't hide - Bristle-Drive Technology combines deep-cleaning scrubbing action and a powerful, oversized vacuum inlet
  • 38cm Wide Cleaning Path - Captures more dirt and debris in a single pass for a faster clean
  • SmartTrac Programmed Steering - Navigates around pool obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Bristle-Drive Technology - Provides deep-cleaning scrubbing action
  • Full manufacture warranty

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