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Onga Pantera PCFII-150 Cartridge Filter

Onga Pantera PCFII-150 Cartridge Filter



The compact Onga Pantera range of Cartridge Filters makes them ideal for confined spaces.

A Cartridge Filter offers a more effective filtration area for the space taken. When water is in short supply a Cartridge Filter is a wise choice, as there is minimal waste-water due to no backwash cycle. They are available in 4 different sizes to suit almost any pool or spa installation.

They are designed with a special top-loading filter housing to make it easy to remove cartridge for cleaning or replacement and come with an easy to read pressure gauge that shows whether the filter requires cleaning.


  • Compact design - Allowing a more effective filtration area a cartridge pool filter takes up less space when compared to sand or D.E. filters. They are lightweight, compact and easy to install.
  • Save water - By using a cartridge filter you do not backwash to waste when cleaning is required. To clean the cartridge element you remove it from the housing and soak in a cleaning solution or fit a spray nozzle to your garden hose and wash away the debris.
  • 40mm and 50mm plumbing - For ease of installation the Onga Pantera range of cartridge filters has the option of plumbing in 50mm or 40mm for hassle free connection.
  • Less maintenance - There are no moving parts in the Onga Pantera Cartridge filter making them trouble free.
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