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Lo Chlor - Starver X Phosphate Remover 1L

Lo Chlor - Starver X Phosphate Remover 1L

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Lo Chlor Starver X: The Ultimate Phosphate Solution!

Say goodbye to cloudy pool water with the next generation in phosphate removal technology from Lo-Chlor Chemicals. Our highly concentrated formula is specially crafted to tackle phosphate levels like never before, surpassing the effectiveness of any other product on the market.

Features & benefits

  • Removes phosphates up to 6.0 parts per million (6000 parts per billion)
  • Formulated with natural polymers and rare earth compounds for optimal results
  • Enhances water clarity within just 24 hours
  • Boosts the efficiency of all sanitizers and salt water chlorinators
  • No need for vacuuming as it doesn't settle out in the pool
  • Maintains filter pressure without any negative effects
  • Compatible with all pool treatments and equipment


  • Simply add 200ML per 10,000 Litres directly to the skimmer box for hassle-free application.

Product Notes

  • Temporary cloudiness may occur after adding Starver®X but will clear within 24 hours when the pump and filter are running.
  • Follow up with regular maintenance doses of Starver® Pool Maintenance every fortnight (500ML per 50,000 Litres).
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