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Lo Chlor - Multi Stain Remover 1kg

Lo Chlor - Multi Stain Remover 1kg

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Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover is your go-to product for tackling a wide range of pool and spa stains. With a triple-action formula, it's designed to remove all metallic and organic stains from swimming pool and spa surfaces, ensuring they stay pristine and inviting. Choose Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover to bid farewell to pool and spa stains and restore their pristine appearance, ensuring you and your guests enjoy the crystal-clear water.

Features & benefits

  • Triple-Action Stain Removal
  • Metal Stain Removal
  • Versatile Application
  • Organic Stain Eradication


  • 1KG of Multi Stain Remover treats up to 50,000 Litres of pool water

Important Notes

  • Vinyl Liner Caution - Avoid applying Multi Stain Remover directly to a vinyl liner or painted surface, as it may result in damage to the pool surface.
  • Spot Treatment for Vinyl Liners - For vinyl liner spot treatment, place Multi Stain Remover in a sock or pantyhose, attach it to a telescopic pole, and suspend it over the stained area.
  • Full Vinyl Liner Treatment - For stains throughout a vinyl liner pool, dissolve Multi Stain Remover in a bucket of water and pour it around the perimeter of the pool.
  • High levels of chlorine can reduce the effectiveness of Multi Stain Remover. It is recommended to reduce the chlorine level to zero before using this product.

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