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Lo Chlor - Maxi-Floc Plus 1L

Lo Chlor - Maxi-Floc Plus 1L

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For a sparkling clean pool, turn to Lochlor's Maxi Floc Plus, a heavy-duty liquid flocculant. This specialized blend of liquid floc, combined with a concentrated polymer resin, is the key to settling debris and organic matter to the pool floor in just 3 to 6 hours. Experience the ease and efficiency of Lochlor's Maxi Floc Plus and enjoy a pool that's brilliantly clear and free from debris.

Features & benefits

  • Rapid Clarity: Say goodbye to cloudy pool water. Lochlor's Maxi Floc Plus works its magic in under 6 hours, delivering quick and clear results.
  • No Messy Residue: Unlike some other products, Lochlor's Maxi Floc Plus leaves no messy residue behind. Enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water without the hassle.
  • Debris Removal: Use it to eliminate dead algae and other unwanted floating particles, ensuring your pool stays pristine.


  • Use 1L of LO-CHOR MAXI FLOC PLUS for every 50,000 Liters of pool water.

Important Notes

  • This product is not effective if algae are present in your pool. Prior algae treatment is essential.
  • Set the pool filter to BY-PASS or RECIRCULATE, or remove filter grids before applying the product.
  • Once debris settles at the pool bottom, vacuum to waste when possible, clean the filter, and make any necessary chemical adjustments.

Please contact us if you need further information.

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