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Lo Chlor - Aquaguard CSM 1L

Lo Chlor - Aquaguard CSM 1L

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LO-CHLOR Aquaguard C.S.M. is your go-to product for addressing a wide range of pool-related challenges, enhancing the overall quality of your pool environment. From maintaining pristine pool water to protecting pool equipment, Aquaguard C.S.M. is a versatile solution.

Features & benefits

  • Scale Prevention and Removal: Aquaguard C.S.M. is your ally in preventing and removing scale buildup on pool walls, equipment, and pipes. It inhibits the accumulation of calcium and magnesium, ensuring your pool stays free from unsightly deposits.
  • Sequestering Power: This product acts as a powerful sequestering agent, preventing metal elements like iron and copper from causing staining on pool surfaces. Stains from these metals can be unattractive and difficult to remove.
  • Salt Chlorinator Cell Protector: Aquaguard C.S.M. safeguards your salt chlorinator cells by inhibiting scale buildup, ensuring their efficiency and longevity.
  • Stain Removal: Aquaguard C.S.M. can assist in lifting and removing metal staining from pool surfaces.
  • Bore Water Compatibility: Ideal for pools using bore water, Aquaguard C.S.M. ensures water quality and helps prevent staining.
  • Easy Maintenance: A simple and convenient addition to your pool care routine, Aquaguard C.S.M. only needs to be added every three months for regular maintenance.


  • 500ML every 3 months

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