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Davey Crystal Clear 39150 Cartridge Filter

Davey Crystal Clear 39150 Cartridge Filter



CrystalClear Cartridge Filters are an economic alternative for water-conscious pool owner, with filter elements able to be cleaned and reused, meaning clean water without the cost of backwashing. Made from high quality materials, selecting the right cartridge pool filter is based on your pool size.


  • Automatic air bleed purges trapped air during filtration
  • Durable polyurethane end caps are reinforced to support pleats and protect the element
  • 4oz mesh weight for fine filtration and high water quality
  • High quality Du Pont polyester mesh for clog free, long life
  • Large spaces between pleats for easy cleaning and long filtration cycles
  • A.B.S. tank construction is robust, UV resistant and non-corrosive for long life


  • Less water used, no backwashing needed
  • Perfect for use with energy efficient pool pumps
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Replacement filter elements available
  • The filter lid is retained by a lock ring which enables easy access for element cleaning
  • A.B.S. tank construction is robust, UV resistant and non corrosive for long life
  • Low profile design means elements are easier to lift out for cleaning and require less height for installation
  • The element is constructed of Du Pont Reemay which is recognised for its excellent filtration and long life
  • A quality pressure gauge makes it easy to see when element cleaning is required
  • A manual air bleed enables the filter to be de-pressurised before opening for cleaning
  • A choice of two inlet ports enables the inlet plumbing to be installed at either 90º or 180º to the outlet for greater flexibility in installation
  • A.B.S. Barrel unions are supplied to make installation simple
  • 3 Year Warranty
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