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Ascon Smart Linking Controller - 2 Channel Kit

Ascon Smart Linking Controller - 2 Channel Kit

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The Ascon Smart Linking Control offers versatile control over your home or pool devices, either collectively or individually.

This wall-mounted unit is mains powered and features two 10A outlets that can be remotely switched using the Smart Linking Control Master Controller, 8 Channel Remote, or LCD Master Remote.

For manual control, two buttons on the top of the unit allow you to turn the outlets on and off with ease.

Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, it is both waterproof and shockproof.

Features & benefits

  • Manage filtration and sanitation schedules
  • Control pump and chlorination devices remotely
  • Coordinate pool lights operation, individually or collectively
  • Sync garden, path lighting, and water features for convenient operation
  • Activate water features and backyard audio systems simultaneously
  • Automate rainwater tank pump for garden irrigation
  • Enhance home security by controlling yard flood lights while away
  • Control pumps for stock watering, irrigation, or water transfer
  • Power lighting in sheds, warehouses, or barns
  • Control compressors, fans, and other equipment with ease


  • 1 x Ascon Smart Linking Control (2 Channel)
  • 1 x Ascon basic remote

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