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Aqualevel Automatic Pool Water Leveller

Aqualevel Automatic Pool Water Leveller

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The AquaLevel conveniently regulates the water level in your pool or spa, protecting your equipment from potential harm.

This nifty device assists with water loss during the summer season by ensuring that the water level remains above the skimmer and that your pump remains operational.

Its portability and straightforward installation make it a hassle-free addition, requiring only a standard garden hose!

Features & benefits

  • Automatically refills your pool when water levels are low
  • Prevents your pump from running dry
  • Perfect for rental properties and vacation homes
  • Portable and ready for on-demand use
  • No tools required for setup

Product Specifications

  • 30cm x 10cm x 15cm
  • Completely adjustable water level control
  • Standard hose connection
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